BUSTED: Pastor Ssenyonga’s henchmen make 1586 calls in plot against Pastor Kayanja

Man Jose Kayima

Strength in numbers has turned into a trap in the spider’s web as the Police exposed Pastor Ssenyonga’s henchmen in a mega communication plot against Pastor Kayanja.

Pastor Ssenyonga

The unscrupulous individuals made the communications in two parts, the first batch of contact (852 calls) happening between 1st August 2021 and 15th September 2021 before the commission of the offence and the second round (734 calls) happening between 19th September 2021 and 30th September 2021.

On 17th September 2021, a group of youth including Ssentongo Reagan, Labeeb Kalif, Serugo Peter, Lyazi Henry, Wakamala Alex, Ssebale Adrian, Magoma Sam, Juuko Jackson, Tumwine Moses, Kagolo Martins, Kisakye Collins, Tumukunde Simon and others stormed the premises of Miracle Centre Cathedral Rubaga pastored by Pastor Kayanja Robert.

The web of communication, according to D/ASP Bill Ndyamukahi of the Cyber Crime Department at CID Headquarters, shows that four of Pastor Ssenyonga’s top enforcers in Ojok Morris, Banura Jordan, Mwandha Jamiru, and Kanene Aggrey Gershom were running point on the plot against Pastor Kayanja through their known associates namely Tumukunde Simon (0755007592), Bakka Edirisa (0756960255), Kisakye Colline (705498120), Sserugo Peter (0708301417), Magombe Sam (0705111196), Lyazi Henry (0706430220) and Kagolo Martin (0756716866).

Who are the top four?
Pastor Ssenyonga has been using Ojok Morris’s number to communicate in various group chats on WhatsApp.
Banura Jordan is an alias for Israel Wasswa, the Head of Security for Pastor Ssenyonga. Wasswa is known as Pastor Ssenyonga’s top henchman, a former crime preventer, and a key mobiliser of the Bodaboda 2010 group.
Mwandha Jamilu is an alliance Chairman and another notorious henchman of Pastor Ssenyonga.
Aggrey Gershom Kenene aka Kuggu is Pastor Ssenyonga’s Personal Assistant and right-hand executioner.

Below Pastor Ssenyonga’s top four dogs was Tumukunde Simon (0755007592) who made a total of 325 calls liaising communications between the top brass of the operation and the boys meant to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s name.

“Twenty telephone numbers 0752949364, 0776949364, 0755962172, 0704424492, 0708208205, 0781398641, 0755007592, 0708603935, 0781839461, 0756960255, 0777473937, 0708301417, 0706430220, 0754364578, 0705845595, 0740396168, 0756716866, 0705498120, 0705111196, 0708432412 belonging to the suspects and their associates were provided to establish their communication link/relationship before, during and after the commission of the offence,” reads a report from D/ASP Bill Ndyamukahi of the Cyber Crime Department at CID Headquarters.

At the height of their communications, Pastor Ssenyonga’s lackeys started using unregistered numbers to communicate and mask their identities in an operation that the Police unmasked. These numbers were connected to the various pieces of the operation, most notably Kenene, Banura and Mwandha.

“Banura Jordan communicated with numbers 0702019910, 0706342332 which were communicating with 0752949364 – Kanene Aggrey Gershom and 0708208205 – Ojok Morris.”

“Ojok Morris communicated with number 0772516964 which was communicating with 755962172 – Mwandha Jamilu. Furthermore, he communicated with numbers 706180655, 703836812, 706342332, and 702019910 which were communicating with 752949364 – Kanene Aggrey Gershom.”

Banura Jordan’s attempts to mask his identity were futile as police analysis of the mobile handsets used by 256781398641 – Israel Wasswa and 704424492 – Banura Jordan established that between July 2021 and December 2021, a mobile handset with International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI): 354185106244280 used by 256781398641 – Israel Wasswa was the same handset that was used by 704424492 – Banura Jordan on 29th October 2021 between 1830hrs and 1903hrs.

The group of boys was led by Kanene Aggrey to blackmail Pastor Robert Kayanja out of a huge sum of money, with the threat that if this sum was not fulfilled, they would smear him with sodomy allegations and ruin his reputation.

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