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You are classless” Azawi slams Weasel

Man Jose Kayima 

Swangz Avenue hit making machine, Priscilla Zawedde aka Azawi has hit back at Goodlyfe singer Weasel Manizo’s said allegations, accusing her of “stealing” late singer Mowzey Radio’s song book and now releasing his songs.

Through her social media platforms, Azawi hit the nail in the coffin by calling Weasel Classless after he posted several allegations on his Facebook page.

“If that post has anything to do with my record, then that’s absolutely so classless!!”- she posted.

Azawi recently dropped her latest single, “Masavu,” which has been gaining widespread popularity.

Several fans of the Good Life camp criticized Azawi, with one remarking, “Azawi got owned on her own song by a dead nigga.” In a witty comeback, she responded, “Maybe I make music that brings the dead back to life, memba dat.”

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