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Zari scoffs at Tanzanian blogger for bribing Shakib

Man Jose Kayima

South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has bitterly scoffed at Tanzanian-American blogger Mange Kimambi, accusing her of bribing her husband, Shakib Cham Lutaya by paying him $1000 (UGx 3.9M) for an interview to spill dirt on their marriage.

Through her Instagram stories, Zari, renowned for her outspoken nature and glamorous lifestyle launched allegations against Mange Kimambi, claiming that she resorted to underhanded tactics to secure an interview with Shakib.

She said that she paid $1000 to Shakib in exchange for an interview about Zari, a move as an act of obsession and desperation.

Despite the monetary incentive, Zari asserted that Shakib failed to deliver the anticipated revelations during the interview.

“Ooh simpendi (Ohh I don’t like her)! But you paid a whole $100 (Sh146,500k) to someone to give you ‘tea’ about me. Tell me you are my number one fan without telling me you’re so obsessed. So invested about my life. With that obsession, you can kill someone.”- Zari wrote.

Zari further ridiculed Mange’s efforts, highlighting that even after editing, the interview yielded no substantial information as she cheekily suggested that Mange should use some of the money spent on the interview to send her roses instead.

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