Pastor Jengo dragged to court for selling Pastor Yiga’s property

Man Jose Kayima

Ever since the controversial Pastor Yiga Augustine sadly passed away in October 2020, his family has never stopped fighting for his property even after leaving behind a clear Will. Now Pastor Andrew Jengo, his successor has been dragged to court for selling his father’s property including Church Land in Kawaala.

According to his sister who spoke out to the media during an interview, Pastor Andrew Jengo is in trouble again as he is taken to court by his sister for failing to help his younger siblings that were left behind.

When Pastor Yiga died, the only child that was known by the public was his elder son Pastor Jengo as not even his wife was mentioned anywhere.

According to reports, over time, debts were accumulating that Pastor Yiga left behind and no one knew what to do about them.

“I am taking my brother Pastor Jengo to court for selling my father’s property. Nothing much is left because he has sold almost everything and children are many, so I want to fight and save my fathers legacy before Jengo sells everything”- she said.

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