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Struggling Ugandan singer gets UK residence permit

Man Jose Kayima

Struggling singer Guvnor Ace, known offstage as Ssemawere Ronald, celebrates the attainment of his UK residency permit, marking the fruition of his years-long quest for new horizons and opportunities.

Ace’s journey to relocate to the UK, driven by aspirations for a brighter future, involved a variety of strategies, including the unconventional tactic of dating older women to bolster his residency prospects. This week, his persistence and determination bore fruit as he proudly secured the much-coveted permit.

The UK residency permit stands as a pivotal document, granting foreign nationals legal residence within the country for specified durations, or even indefinitely.

In an expression of gratitude and triumph, Ace seized the moment to address naysayers, dismissing doubts and skepticism with laughter, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

Armed with his newfound residency status, Guvnor Ace embraces this pivotal juncture with optimism and eagerness. He looks forward to delving into the myriad opportunities the UK offers, all while nurturing his passion for music.

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