Burora suspends Media interviews

Man Jose Kayima

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Rubaga, has announced that he will not be participating in media interviews until next week.

He uttered the comments mere hours after his suspension.

Burora expressed his gratitude towards Minister Milly Babalanda and Secretary Office of the President Hajji Yunusu Kakande for their support during his tenure.

“In my role, I would like to thank Hon. Min. Milly Babalanda for her unwavering guidance and support in overcoming challenges faced by cadres, especially in my case. We commend your efforts in combating corruption,” Burora stated.

He also acknowledged the support of the Secretary Office of the President Hajji Yunusu Kakande, saying, “Hajji Yunusu Kakande, the Secretary Office of the President, has been my mentor. While I don’t want to delve into the details of this suspension, he has been my shield amidst various challenges.”

Burora expressed his gratitude to the HR office of the President, his consultant, and his advisor for their assistance.

The suspension follows a series of allegations against Burora, which have subjected his actions to scrutiny in recent weeks.

Authorities have not provided further information about the allegations or the duration of the suspension.

Sources within the presidency have confirmed that Burora has been dismissed from his position.

Burora’s reported offence relates to a complaint filed by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, accusing him of being “disoriented.” Specifically, the Speaker alleges that Burora used Twitter to undermine government officials and programs, thereby failing to fulfil his duty of supporting the government.

The exact duration of Burora’s suspension remains unclear, but it appears to be the initial step in disciplinary proceedings against him.

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