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DJ Jacob discloses shocking details about musician bewitched by Kenzo

Man Jose Kayima

Former Big Talent Entertainment artist Nu York Da Styla reportedly made a decision to relocate to Canada in hopes of securing a brighter future for himself and his family after reportedly getting bewitched multiple times in Uganda according to radio personality DJ Jacob Omutuuze.

Reports indicate that he has opted to leave behind his music and boda-boda riding ventures in Kampala to embark on this new chapter in his life.

Sources close to the artist reveal that his departure is not without its challenges. DJ Jacob Omutuzze, a former associate of Eddy Kenzo, disclosed shocking details about Nu York Da Styla’s past struggles. According to DJ Jacob, the artist had faced a perilous encounter with witchcraft, which had left him fighting for his life.

It’s reported that Nu York Da Styla was subjected to a malicious spell, endangering his very existence. DJ Jacob recounted the ordeal, emphasizing the severity of the situation and the swift action taken to save the artist’s life. Had it not been for urgent intervention, the consequences could have been fatal.

Furthermore, DJ Jacob pointed fingers at an individual residing on Salaam Road, alleging their involvement in the sinister act. Despite outward claims of benevolence, this individual is purportedly harboring ill intentions towards others, as evidenced by their alleged involvement in the witchcraft directed at Nu York Da Styla.

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