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Maureen Nantume to sue Cosmetics company

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Maureen Nantume has come out and issued a strong warning to a cosmetics company using her photos to endorse and advertise their beauty products without her consent.

Expressing her frustration over the unauthorized use of her likeness, the singer took to her social media platforms to denounce the company’s actions, highlighting the absence of any formal agreement permitting such advertising.

In her online statement, Nantume condemned the company’s conduct as fraudulent, emphasizing the importance of obtaining explicit approval before using her image for commercial purposes.

The owner of this company STOP STOP STOP… Using my picture to advertise your products is fraud… You have never approached me about any deal like this. STOP IT. Otherwise I’ll use legal means….”- she posted.

Recognizing the value of her public persona, Nantume emphasized that as a public figure, she is entitled to protect her image and reputation from unauthorized commercial exploitation.

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