Video: Car washers steal Shs118 from MP Sseggona

Man Jose Kayima 

Medard Lubega Sseggona, a Ugandan MP, had his squeaky clean ride turned into a crime scene! In a daring daylight robbery, car washers relieved him of a staggering 118 million shillings (enough cash to make Scrooge McDuck sweat).

Sseggona, known for his fight against corruption, felt the sting of dishonesty in the most unexpected place – a car wash near Kampala’s Catholic Cathedral. He left his car for a routine cleaning, only to return and discover his money had vanished faster than suds down the drain.

Undeterred, Sseggona turned detective and reported the crime. The police, with a nose for sniffing out trouble, followed a trail of soapy leads. Their keen eyes spotted a glimmer of guilt in three car washers: Jordan Axtime, Emmanuel Migadde, and John Vianney Kibaale. They were promptly apprehended, their pockets suspiciously lighter.

A raid on their homes unearthed a hidden stash – 35 million shillings, a mere fraction of the stolen loot. Witnesses spilled the beans, claiming a whole crew of young men were in on the sudsy scam. The plot thickened!

The investigation continues, chasing digital breadcrumbs of transferred funds. This audacious heist has Kampala on edge. Was it an amateur splash-and-grab, or is there a deeper criminal mastermind wielding the sponge?

One thing’s for sure: Sseggona’s trust in car washes is as spotless as his car never was. The hunt for the soapy scoundrels goes on, and Kampala waits with bated breath to see if justice will be served, clean and clear.

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