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Bank takes over Lwasa’s property over unpaid loan

Man Jose Kayima 

Masaka renown businessman and proud Casanova Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi reportedly lost all his prime property due to a loan default with Equity Bank that made them sieze up all his property leaving him in worse shape than when Diana Nabatanzi dumped him.

Reports indicate that Lwasa, known for his diverse business ventures, sought financial assistance from Equity Bank to bolster his enterprises. However, the anticipated success did not materialize, leading to the failure to repay the substantial loan within the agreed timeframe.

As a consequence, Equity Bank has seized several properties owned by Lwasa, including the renowned Tavern Kick Club situated in Masaka. The prominent display of the bank’s contact information at the premises signals the potential sale of the property to recoup the loaned amount.

The news has stirred considerable buzz within the local community, given Tavern Kick Club’s status as a popular entertainment hub and social gathering spot. Its loss marks a significant change in Masaka’s nightlife landscape.

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