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Kenzo attends his daughter’s VD with Minister Nyamutoro to fuel dating rumours 

Man Jose Kayima

In the ongoing rumors of singer Eddy Kenzo and cabinet minister Phiona Nyamutoro dating, it seems the spotlight just can’t get enough of them, after the two fueled them up by attending Kenzo’s daughter Maya Musuuza’s Visitation Day at school.

Over the weekend, Kenzo and Nyamutoro made a public appearance that raised more than a few eyebrows, particularly given the rumors about their personal lives. While speculation about their supposed child together has been as accurate as a weather forecast from the meteorological authority, their presence at a certain event hinted at a familial connection.

The event in question left many scratching their heads, speculating whether the duo was attending as parents or perhaps facing some legal inquiry. The latter seemed unlikely, leaving the former as the more plausible explanation for their presence at the school function.

After indulging in a feast fit for royalty, Kenzo and Nyamutoro posed for the cameras alongside a young girl who bore a striking resemblance to both of them. However, as our relationship recognition expert pointed out, the child’s features seemed to align more closely with Kenzo’s, albeit with a hint of Nyamutoro’s distinctive facial structure.

In the midst of all the speculation, one cannot overlook the presence of a certain Beti Kamya, whose involvement in the affair raises further questions. As the Ombudsman, her interest in the matter could indicate either familial ties or a more official investigation into the duo’s relationship status.

While Nyamutoro exuded radiance in her casual attire, Kenzo appeared somewhat uneasy, perhaps feeling the weight of public scrutiny. Nonetheless, their joint appearance at the event coincided with Nyamutoro’s recent appointment as a minister, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.

Nyamutoro, the newly minted minister, has collaborated with Kenzo on various initiatives, including efforts to reform copyright laws in Uganda. At just 30 years old, her appointment as national female youth MP makes her one of the youngest ministers in the country.

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