Pastor Bugingo asks followers to contribute 100m to kickstart Pentagon Church construction

Man Jose Kayima 

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has made a final appeal to his followers, seeking financial support totaling UGX100 million to kickstart the construction of his long-awaited church, dubbed “Pentagon”, he made this passionate plea during yesterday’s church service.

Pastor Bugingo underscored the significance of having a dedicated place of worship for his congregation. Despite his extensive 15-year tenure as a pastor, Bugingo has yet to establish a physical church, prompting concerns among his devoted followers who endure the elements while attending open-air services.

We are in need of UGX100 million to commence the construction of our church. With this amount, we can officially embark on building our dream sanctuary,” stated Pastor Bugingo during the service.

The issue of fundraising for the church gained traction particularly after Bugingo survived a shooting incident, allegedly by unidentified assailants, sparking discontent among his followers regarding the allocation of church funds.

Amidst mounting pressure and criticism, Bugingo, known for his fiery rhetoric, addressed his congregation directly, at times resorting to derogatory remarks, labeling dissenting voices as “dogs” and “stupid.”

While Bugingo did not address the funds collected over the years purportedly earmarked for church construction, he assured his followers that with the targeted financial support, the realization of their “dream church” would be expedited.

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