Mbarara Minute Maid Extravaganza: A Spectacle of Student Unity and Refreshing Revelry

Man Jose Kayima

In a dazzling display of unity and celebration, thousands flocked to Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara City for an extraordinary event: the Minute Maid Refresh Surprise activation.

It was a gathering like no other, drawing in students from diverse academic backgrounds, university leaders, and members of the local community. With the slogan “Filled with life” guiding the festivities, the atmosphere crackled with excitement and anticipation as participants eagerly immersed themselves in a whirlwind of activities.

From fashion shows to indoor games and cultural dances, the event buzzed with energy from start to finish. The campus came alive with vibrant performances, including a cultural gala showcasing talent from across tribes, culminating in the selection of Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Stuart University.

Amidst the festivities, the unmistakable aroma of Minute Maid juices filled the air, enticing attendees with refreshing flavors like Apple, Mango, and Orange, all available at affordable prices.
Guest artists such as Lithan MC and DJ Banx, known as the bounce boys, kept spirits soaring with their electrifying performances well into the evening.

Arnold Best Ankunda, the university’s guild president, praised the event’s success, highlighting its value in promoting unity and providing a platform for students to showcase their talents.

Regional governor Stanley Katembeya Tugume echoed these sentiments, commending Coca-Cola for their initiative and urging other companies to follow suit in supporting student engagement.

Arthur Akankwasa, representing Minute Maid, emphasized the brand’s commitment to connecting with consumers on a personal level. He spoke of the brand’s mission to invigorate and inspire, offering a moment of respite from the rigors of daily life. FILL THEM WITH REFRESHMENT. FILL THEM WITH LIFE
Minute Maid Refresh. “

As the event concluded, students expressed their gratitude for the unforgettable experience, with many calling for similar events to be held regularly throughout the year.

Junior Paul Baryamanya expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect with peers in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Agaba Osbert, the guild speaker at Bishop Stuart University, advocated for the regular organization of such events, citing their educational value and positive impact on students.

Praise Natamba remarked on the sense of unity fostered by the showcased activities. Nyangoma Lucky suggested that the event be held every semester to ensure broader participation among students.
In the wake of the Mbarara activation, anticipation is high as other universities gear up to host their own Minute Maid extravaganzas.

With each event promising to deliver a unique blend of entertainment, education, and community spirit, the Minute Maid Refresh Surprise continues to captivate and delight audiences across Uganda.

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