Urban TV set to follow Dembe FM, stops all programs

Man Jose Kayima

Urban TV Uganda, a popular English-language television channel in Kampala, has initiated a significant programming downgrade. The move, announced during last night’s bulletin, signals a temporary cessation of various shows to facilitate a comprehensive review by the station’s management.

Reports suggest that even TV West may be poised to undergo similar adjustments.

Urban TV Uganda, renowned for its diverse offerings encompassing entertainment, music, and infotainment programs alongside news and current affairs coverage, operates under the ownership of Vision Group (New Vision Printing & Publishing Company Limited), a prominent multimedia conglomerate in Uganda.

The decision to undergo a programming overhaul comes amidst a strategic reassessment by Urban TV’s management, aimed at enhancing the channel’s appeal and relevance to its target demographic. With a focus on the youthful population of Kampala, the channel has endeavored to provide engaging content reflective of contemporary interests and trends.

However, this latest move underscores a recognition within the management that adjustments are necessary to maintain Urban TV’s competitive edge in an evolving media landscape. By temporarily suspending certain programming, the channel seeks to recalibrate its content offerings in alignment with audience preferences and industry dynamics.

While specific details regarding the duration and extent of the programming downgrade remain undisclosed, stakeholders anticipate that the forthcoming changes will be guided by a commitment to delivering quality content that resonates with Urban TV’s viewership base.

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