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Nina Roz to contest for Sembabule Woman MP in 2026

Singer Nina Roz has announced her aspiration of joining Politics and running for Sembabule Women Member of Parliament on NUP Card through an exclusive interview with a local television station, making her intentions clear for the political arena come 2026.

The singer-songwriter expressed her determination to vie for a parliamentary seat, citing her desire to catalyze transformative change within the government. Drawing inspiration from the renowned activist and musician Bobi Wine, Nina Roz articulated her fervent commitment to becoming a voice for the marginalized and instigating tangible progress.

“As a member of Bobi Wine’s generation, I feel compelled to champion the cause of the voiceless. I am driven by a profound longing to advocate for change and ensure a better future for my people,” she passionately asserted during the interview with Sanyuka Television.

Nina Roz, who has recently been a frequent visitor to the National Unity Platform offices, is speculated to align herself with the party for the forthcoming elections, significantly enhancing her electoral prospects.

Hailing from Sembabule, the songstress-turned-political aspirant is reportedly eyeing the Woman MP seat in her native district, setting the stage for a potentially riveting electoral showdown.

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