Police arrests house Maid seen in viral video Torturing Toddler

Man Jose Kayima

In response to a distressing viral video, authorities in Mukono have arrested a housemaid allegedly responsible for abusing a child under her care. The incident, captured in a widely circulated WhatsApp video, shocked viewers and sparked outrage across social media platforms.

The video showed the maid physically assaulting and scolding a young baby, believed to be around 6-7 months old, in her care. The disturbing footage prompted swift action from law enforcement and garnered attention from Hon. Balam Bahugahara, the Minister of Youth and Child Affairs.

Minister Bahugahara took to Twitter, urging individuals with information to come forward and offering a reward of 2 million shillings for any crucial leads leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

” Any one with Information leading to the location & arrest of this Child Abuser notify Uganda Police near You.I will offer a reward of 2m Ugx Cash. Call Toll free 999. Lets Say No to such cruel Child abuse in our country & Society The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda recognizes the rights of the child. And provides for children’s right to health, right to education, and right to protection from exploitation. Therefore the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda in chapter 4 section 34 has children’s rights listed.”- Balaam Posted.

Today, the police announced a significant breakthrough, confirming the arrest of the woman seen in the video. She has been taken into custody for questioning as part of the ongoing investigation.

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