Blood of Jesus Church in Wetland demolished

Man Jose Kayima

The Blood of Jesus Ministries International Church has become the latest victim of the ongoing campaign by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to implement the presidential directive on wetland encroachment.

A gang of youth on instruction of NEMA officials guarded by the environmental police descended on the church that stands opposite Seeta High School along Kampala- Jinja Highway on Monday afternoon.

The church, owned by pastor Joseph Muzaale, was sitting on nearly three acres of wetland.

NEMA says the church was obstructing the water flow, leading to perennial flooding and destruction of property in Kigunga and the nearby villages.

Amidst the demolition exercise, members of this church complained about NEMA’s acts, citing a number of factories in wetlands that are untouchables government considers only foreigners.

Some local leaders welcomed NEMA’s decision to demolish the church because every rainfall they suffer from flash floods, but they also criticized Mukono municipality for approving building plans in the wetlands.

Joseph Bampabura, lawyer for Pastor Muzaale, claimed that the church authority had all the necessary approvals from NEMA and the Mukono municipal officials.

Bampabura wondered about the level of impunity exhibited by the government entity, to demolish someone’s property without a court order. He says they have opened up a case at Mukono police.

“We secured a court order restraining NEMA from demolishing our property but they continued to do so, I asked them to show me the court order allowing them to demolish they refused,” Bampabura noted.

The impact of climate change is getting ever more drastic and actins like for Pastor Muzaale and hundreds of other similar minds and investors are greatly impacting water catchment areas.

Unfortunately for Pastor Muzaale, there was no real Blood of Jesus to intervene in the demolition of his church.

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