Vipers threaten not to honour league game against Kitara

Man Jose Kayima 

Vipers SC has threatened not honour their forthcoming league fixture against Kitara FC scheduled for Friday, 19th April at Masindi Municipal Stadium.

The Venoms state that during the Stanbic Uganda Cup contest against Kitara on Sunday there was inadequate security at Masindi Municipal Stadium which led to harming of their players and officials.

Vipers SC through their Chief Executive Officer Simon Peter Njuba, they have outlined the incidents that transfered during their Uganda Cup game in Masindi.

Vipers stated that their team was denied entry into the stadium which caused an altercation that led to insulting and man handling of their officials.

Vipers fans were also thrown out of the VIP section despite having paid entrance for the particular section.

After the final whistle, the entire Kitara FC crowd entered the pitch area and beat and caused harm to Vipers SC and officials with only the match officials protected. Only four Police officers were deployed for the enormous crowd.

Vipers also state that following the incidents, Kitara officials and fans promised atrocities in their Uganda Premier league game due on Friday.

The club has now threatened not to honour the fixture unless if FUFA the regulator addresses the issue.

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