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Video: Jose Chameleone reveals cause of weight loss

Man Jose Kayima

Singer, Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, has stepped out to address the swirling rumors regarding his noticeable weight loss. Speculations surrounding his transformation have been across social media platforms for months,now he says he stopped eating Pork.

In recent times, every snapshot shared by the artist on his social media platforms has sparked a deluge of inquiries about his altered physique, with theories ranging from personal struggles like depression and substance abuse to issues within his marriage gaining traction.

However, the air was finally cleared during one of his recent electrifying performances, where Jose Chameleone candidly spoke about the real reason behind his slimmed-down appearance.

Contrary to the conjectures floating around, the music maestro revealed that his weight loss was no accident but rather the result of unwavering dedication, which included strict modifications to his dietary habits and bidding farewell to pork consumption.

With a light-hearted tone, Chameleone expressed contentment with his current body shape and even injected a touch of humor into the discourse, playfully urging those yearning for more mass to continue relishing their pork dishes.

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