Dubai also sanctions Speaker Among and two former Ugandan ministers

Man Jose Kayima

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, continues to walk a tight with her options outside Britain receiving a vicious blow from the United Arabs Emirates.

The Emirates has picked on the sanctions imposed on Ms Among and former Ministers Agnes Nandutu and Mary Goretti Kitutu by instructing that no financial institution on its soil deals with the Ugandan trio in any transactions.

According to Nile Post  the Central Bank of UAE has issued warning to all financial institutions in the Middle East country to thwart any transactions coming from Among, Nandutu or Kitutu.

The trio was sanctioned and their assets ordered frozen in the United Kingdom just a week ago and now the UAE says red flags should be issued with immigration should any of the three travel through the country.

The UAE central bank also directed that properties of the trio, if any, should be frozen until further notice.

According to Nile Post the Central Bank of UAE only imposes such targeted financial sanctions against individuals or institutions upon a cabinet decision.

The bank instructs all licensed financial institutions to fully comply with the obligation to implement all necessary measures without delay.

“All licensed financial institutions must screen databases and transactions against the lists of sanctioned persons,” the Emirates central bank says.

“When a “confirmed” or a “potential” match is found through the screening process, the institution must immediately, without delay and without prior notice, freeze or suspend all funds or transactions.”

The institutions are also required to report “confirmed” or “potential” matches and the actions taken within five business days.

On April 30th, UK imposed asset freezes and travel bans on Speaker Among and two former ministers for Karamoja Affairs, Mary Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu.

The sanctions statement signed by UK deputy foreign minister Andrew Mitchell indicates that Kitutu and Nandutu embezzled thousands of iron sheets from a government-funded housing project designed to assist vulnerable communities in Karamoja.

Among was found to have benefited from the proceeds of the theft, according to London’s statement.

“The UK is sending a clear message that benefiting at the expense of others is not acceptable. Corruption has consequences, and those responsible will be held accountable,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The actions of these individuals, who took aid meant for those in need and kept the proceeds for themselves, represent the epitome of corruption and have no place in society.”

Ms Among has protested the sanctions, calling it “politically motivated” and a “witch-hunt” against her person for her push to enact the Anti-Homosexuality Act last year.

“I’m carrying a cross for 48 million Ugandans because of the Anti-Homosexuality Act we passed in 2023,” Ms Among told journalists on Friday.

The government last week said it had learnt with “surprise” of the imposition of sanctions on “Ugandan politicians charged with corruption”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it looks forward to engaging with the British High Commission in Uganda mindful that “sovereignty remains a cardinal principle in the bilateral relations between two countries”.

Parliament threatened to withdraw from the Commonwealth Speakers Conference currently chaired by Uganda.

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