“I am about to go to heaven and it will be you the young ones to suffer,” Museveni tells traders

Man Jose Kayima

On Tuesday, Traders gathered at Kololo Independence grounds for a meeting with President Museveni. The President addressed their concerns regarding the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS) system and other issues.

Museveni told the traders that there has to be better planning to make the country better for everyone.

“I am 80 [years of age] and about to go to Heaven. You’re still young and have more years ahead. You’ll be the ones to suffer if we don’t plan and make this country better for you to to live in,” Museveni noted before adding,

“It’s true that VAT is paid by the consumers and that’s in order because we need taxes to run your country and if it’s too expensive the buyers will not buy it. If customers are buying it means the tax is manageable. Therefore, I don’t want punishments, I want to educate our people (traders). Shops should not be locked. All shops should be open. I want to know who locked up the shops in spite of my previous order.”

Museveni also noted that it’s not true there are too many taxes in the country

“Your first claim is that there are too many taxes in Uganda. This is not true. That’s why I’m here to talk with you (traders). The policy of government on taxes is deliberate. We normally don’t tax what builds Uganda.”

Museveni promised to meet the traders again on June, 20th but majority of the traders seemed not interested.

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